Partnership Project

Private Sector Promotion Project (SEQUA/INCLUDE)

SiCCI has had partnership with of the GTZ administered, Private Sector Promotion Project (PSPP/SEQUA) then and now it is named as SEQUA/ INCLUDE.  The partnership with the PSPP/SEQUA had been helpful for strengthening the secretariat, delivering quality services to the members, planning work plans, developing visionary leadership in the Chamber.

The following programmes had been completed with the cooperation of the PSPP/SEQUA.

  • Publication of Members’ Directory
  • Chamber Management & Planning workshop
  • Establishment of information and Documentation Center
  • Chamber Study visit programme
  • Upgrading of Training Hall
  • Training of Staff in various issues of Chamber management
  • Support for the planning for organizing trade fair
  • Members survey regarding the services and role of the chamber