Promotional Services


Keeping view with the need of the members and general business community of the district various training programs are being conducted. SiCCI expects to organize need based training programs in the future together with other donor agencies and government line agencies and private sector organizations.

Exhibition and Trade Fair

Trade fair and exhibition are organized with a view to promote local and national products. The Fair is found to be a means of promoting products and in creating awareness among the consumer. SiCCI had successfully organized Six  National Trade fair in 2004, 2006 and 2008, 2010, 2012 ,2014 ,2018 The trade fair is focused in the theme of Tourism promotion, Industrial product promotion and consumer awareness.

SiCCI also successfully organized Siddhartha Street Festival on the eve of Nepali  new year from 2061 B.S and continue 2065 2072 and 2075 .

Advocacy & Lobby

SiCCI has been conducting seminars on various aspects of trade and industry and Interaction on the current issues, they will remain regular features in the years to come.