Organization Structure

General assembly is the supreme body of the chamber to formulate the policy and for strategies. The general assembly elects the president and its executive member for the period of 3 years. The executive board comprises 30 officials inclusive of the immediate past president and two other nominated members. The board comprises President, Immediate past president, Senior Vice President , two vice president each from Industry and Commerce sector, General Secretary, Treasurer, Secretary as executive and eleven members from commerce sector, six members from industry sector, one member each from associate and commodity association and two nominated member.
The following committees are constituted to aid and the advice to the chamber and the board.
  1. President- Mr. Kul Prasad Neupane
  2. Building Construction  Committee   Mr. Rajesh Kumar Agrawal
  3. American corner management committee   Mr. Bhishma Prasad Neupane
  4. Building Construction Committee  Joint- Coordinator   Mr. Arun Kumar Goenka
  5. Local Level coordination committee       Mr. Thakur Kumar Shrestha
  6. Public Private Partnership committee    Mr. Netra Prasad Acharya
  7.  Fund growth and Relief distribution committee      Mr. Dilip Kumar Kandu
  8. Communication, Training & Seminar committee      Mr. Bijay Panday
  9.  Development Project  committee         Mr. Krishna  Prasad Ghimire
  10. Revenue  advisor  committee       Mr. Deepak Kumar Paudel
  11.   Employers Council committee     Mr. Rohith Agrawal
  12. Agriculture Promotion committee    Mrs. Yamkala Neupane
  13. Observer committee      Mr. Mangal Bhandari
  14. Hardware and Construction coordination committee       Mr. Pritam Rauniyar
  15.  Cottage and Small Industry promotion committee      Mr. Govinda Gyawali
  16. Public Relation and organizations coordination committee    Mr. Bhuwan Kumar Kandu
  17. International coordination committee      Mr. Harish Sethiya
  18. Ready-made cloths  and fancy coordination committee      Mr. Sanjay Beriwal
  19. Women Entrepreneur development committee       Mrs Palavi Neupane
  20. Traffic  and Transportation management  committee      Mr. Gaurav Shrestha
  21. Rural Business promotion committee      Mr. Ganga Sagar Agrahari
  22. Industry development committee      Mr. Ramesh Ghimire
  23. Retail & Grocery committee    Mr. Kamal Prasad Marasini
  24. Publication committee    Mr. Surendra Upadhayaya Paudel
  25. Membership Growth and coordination committee   Mr. Dharmabir Sharma
  26. Commodity organization coordination committee   Mr. Arjun Karki
  27. Electricity and Energy Efficiency committee  Mr. Gopal Bhandari
  28. Galla and Food businessmen coordination committee  Mr. Triloki Prasad Teli
  29. =====nd communication Management  committee   Mr. Dipendra Pradhan
  30. Tourism promotion committee   Mr. Sanjay Bajimaya